Food Philosophy

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Our delicatessen, beautiful views of the Neum – Klek gulf, and our friendly staff will transform your gastro and other pleasures into a special experience.

An inevitable part of the JADRAN hotel tourist offer certainly is gastronomy, especially Mediterranean cuisine which goes down well during hot summer days.With a number of specialities of international cuisine, special attention is paid to the original dishes of Herzegovina and Dalmatia; various fish specialities, crab dishes, shellfish, and other seafood: meat, vegetables, and olive oil that is prepared by the old recipes. For a full experience of gastronomic pleasure we offer a wide selection of domestic and foreign wines of exceptional quality.

Enjoy in the warm restaurant environment of the JADRAN hotel with a great offer and high quality service!

The restaurant of the hotel is very suitable for organizing various event, gala receptions, family lunches and dinners, weddings, promotions, cocktail, parties, christenings, business lunches, meetings and seminars.

Given that we have a large area and a very high capacity of our restaurant, we also provide lunches for travel agencies and their groups, with a pre-determined menu.



Oriental Fusion

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Are you looking to surprise that special someone with a romantic getaway, or would you like to indulge in a culinary feast until the sun goes down, maybe you’d like to unwind while enjoying an amazing bike ride through the dunes? We’re now offering 9 special arrangements that take leisure to a whole other level.

Our Special Rates & Promos

Our rooms are designed to transport you into an environment made for leisure. Take your mind off the day-to-day of home life and find a private paradise along beaches of Barcelona.

Lobster Dinner

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Sushi for two

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